Mainstreet Health Investments announces it has obtained shareholder approval by way of consents for previously announced transaction

TORONTO, DECEMBER 8, 2017 – Mainstreet Health Investments (TSX: HLP-U) (“Mainstreet” or the “Company“) today announced that, in connection with its previously announced acquisition of Care Investment Trust LLC (“CIT“) from Tiptree Operating Company, LLC (“Tiptree“) (the “Transaction“), it has obtained consents from shareholders of the Company (“Shareholders“) holding, in the aggregate, 51.55% of the Company’s issued and outstanding common shares (“Shares“), approving the issuance of Shares to Tiptree or its subsidiaries pursuant to the Transaction. Tiptree Inc., a publicly traded diversified company, the shares of which are listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol TIPT, indirectly owns approximately 82% of Tiptree.

As consideration under the Transaction, the Company intends to issue approximately 16,800,000 Shares (the “Equity Consideration“) to Tiptree or its subsidiaries (as such number may be adjusted in accordance with the purchase agreement entered into in connection with the Transaction (the “Purchase Agreement“)), representing approximately 52% of the Company’s issued and outstanding Shares on a non-diluted basis as of December 7, 2017 and 34% of the Company’s Shares after giving effect to the Transaction. Where additional Shares are issued as a result of certain adjustments under the Purchase Agreement (including adjustments related to the amount of working capital and mortgage debt on closing of the Transaction), the following table illustrates the effect of such issuances on the total number of Shares to be issued and the corresponding impact on dilution:

Number of Additional


Total Number of
Shares to be

Percentage of Issued and
Outstanding Shares

Percentage of Issued and
Outstanding Shares













(1) The number of additional Shares is for illustrative purposes only. The precise number of additional Shares, if any, to be issued to Tiptree or its subsidiaries is currently unknown and may exceed the number of additional Shares reflected in the above table.


The Shares will be issued at a fixed price per Share of US$9.75.

The Transaction has been negotiated at arm’s length, and is subject to certain customary conditions to closing including the approval of the issuance of the Equity Consideration by the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX“).

The Transaction, if completed, will materially affect control of the Company (as determined in accordance with the TSX Company Manual), and therefore requires Shareholder approval under section 604(a) of the TSX Company Manual.  The Transaction is also subject to Shareholder approval pursuant to section 611(c) of the TSX Company Manual, as it involves the issuance of greater than 25% of the Company’s outstanding Shares on a non-diluted basis.  The Company has obtained such approval through the solicitation of written consents in a form acceptable to the TSX as permitted under section 604(d) of the TSX Company Manual. The threshold for approval by way of consent is approval by beneficial Shareholders owning, in the aggregate, more than 50% of the outstanding Shares.

Upon closing of the Transaction, subject to certain conditions set out in a governance and investor rights agreement (the “Governance and Investor Rights Agreement“), Tiptree will have the right to nominate one board member and one board observer (with no voting rights) to Mainstreet’s Board of Directors, which, upon the closing of the Transaction, will be comprised of a total of six board members.  Also pursuant to the Governance and Investor Rights Agreement, Tiptree has agreed to a 24 month standstill (the “Standstill“) and to restrictions on the sale of its Equity Consideration for a period ranging from 6 months to 18 months. The Standstill prohibits Tiptree from taking certain specified actions without Mainstreet’s approval, including among other things, launching a takeover bid or increasing its ownership in Mainstreet.

Please refer to the press release of the Company dated November 17, 2017 for additional information concerning CIT and the Transaction.  Copies of the Purchase Agreement and Governance and Investor Rights Agreement (as an exhibit to the Purchase Agreement) can be found on SEDAR at

To the knowledge of the Company (i) no insider of the Company is participating in the Transaction as a securityholder, and (ii) other than as described herein, there are no voting trusts or similar agreements to be entered into in connection with the Transaction.  Upon the completion of the Transaction, to the knowledge of the Company, the only Shareholders that would hold in excess of 10% of the then outstanding Shares are (i) Tiptree (which will hold approximately 34% of the outstanding Shares following Closing), and (ii) certain funds managed by Magnetar Financial LLC (which currently hold, in the aggregate, 11,635,104 Shares, which would represent approximately 24% of the Company’s outstanding Shares following Closing), in each case subject to any applicable adjustments under the Purchase Agreement.

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